jueves, febrero 01, 2007

Poverty in the first world. Fruzsina

We always hear a lot about poverty in the Third World, but we rarely take notice of the presence of poverty in the First World. We apply the term to the people who are deprived of the basic needs for a minimum standard of living. I understand by it food, drinking water, shelter, education, health care…

The problem is always the same; they don’t have the minimum they need. The causes could be like: overpopulation, unemployment, diseases of poverty, like malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS, and also discrimination…

I have different opinions about the issue. I think that we are all guilty of the way they live; if everybody helped them, I’m almost sure that we could help out, and they wouldn’t have to live in the street. But on the other hand, they should make an effort as well. In my opinion if somebody really wants something, he gets it.

Poverty is always present in our lives, but if we wanted we should be able to overcome all obstacles and finish with it.



Anonymous Anónimo said...

this is a very delicate topic. poverty, always associated to third world countries,happens all around the globe. i agree that everyone must help, give something, to try to improve this situation, it's not human to see people suffering in the streets.

12:20 p. m.  

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