martes, enero 30, 2007


Do you recall seeing an ad to encourage solidarity towards the poor of a European country? We might not ever think about it, but in developed countries there are a lot of people that could be considered just as poor as those in developing countries.
We are not talking about the same type of poverty; it is not the same to be poor in India than to be poor in France, but it is not always clear which one is worse. In developed countries there is a substantial part of the population that lives in extreme poverty, and the gap between the rich and the poor gets bigger each year. Homelessness is an important issue that has lately seen an increase of attention in France, but this is not the only issue. There are people that have a really hard time to find a job, there have been cases of malnutrition of children in the UK.
Maybe we should also take a look at the people that are forgotten in these countries, we should remember that poverty doesn’t just mean not having any money. Alcoholism, depression, no self-esteem, these are also indicators of “developed” poverty, which deserve our attention.

Sebastián Monzón. 1º Bachto



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