martes, enero 30, 2007


Nowadays, the word “poverty” REFERS immediately of the Third World but it isn’t that ONLY in the Third World where there exists poverty also in the First World, Europe. IT appears TO BE incredible that POVERTY EXISTS in rich countries but even people who live COMFORTABLY can change THEIR life. It’s what arrives at some people who one day OR other find themselves without a job then without a residence so they find themselves in the street. There exist special residences for homeless people but they lack places and some prefer to manage ALONE. There is homeless PEOPLE who die because it IS very cold WHILE others fight the cold WEATHER starting to drink alcohol. On the one hand, to avoid that, associations are created like “Les Resto du Coeur” or “Les Enfants de Don Quichotte” in France who help them donating tents, covers, food. Others help them to take again a normal life by helping them to seek a job, then an accommodation. However, all homeless people don’t find a normal life and pass their life wandering in the street.
That is a sort of poverty that exists in the First World.
Tania González 2Bach1



Anonymous Cristina said...

Hello tania
I agree with your opinion. Unfortunately,as you says, poverty exist all over the world . A lot of kisses love you too

12:19 p. m.  

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